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Photo of Chiara Ogan.So, who are you again?

I'm Chiara Ogan, originally Chiara Berlingo, and was known as Chiara Fox for about 10 years until I married this guy in August 2009. I used to work with an amazing group of people at Adaptive Path, a user experience consulting firm. Now I work for myself at 3 Cats Studio, doing experience design and information architecture. I'm a librarian turned information architecture/user experience consultant. This is my personal website.

Where else can I find you on the web?
I have a couple of blogs that I write, in addition to Chachi In Charge. I write about information architecture and user experience over at my professional site, Chiara.Ogan.Net. In July 2008 I started a blog devoted to the crafty things I like to make called Like I Need Another Project. You can find photos of all the knitting, cross-stitched, and quilted fun I'm up to there. I'm also on Flickr and Twitter.

So, what's up with the name Chachi In Charge? Do you have a thing for Scott Baio?

No, not at all. In college my friends nicknamed me "Chachi." It was the first time I had ever had a nickname, outside my family, and I loved it. The idea of making a mash-up of Baio's two big shows made me giggle. Years later, it seemed like an appropriate blog name.


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