You Never Think About...

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So, I was looking at the search queries that have brought users to my site. And I noticed that one of them was ""toe ring" cum." Ahem. Yes. Now, I know I haven't written about that. So, I do a search for it and lo and behold, there on the second page of results is my "About" page:

This is such a great example of context insensitive search gone wrong. Not to mention a lack of disambiguation. And yet, I questioned whether to post about it, since I really don't see the need to reinforce the connection between the pages (though I think as long as I don't link to the About page I'm not doing that. Though there will still be a connection between the phrase and this domain).

But... it's so absurd. I had to share. And now I'm going to go wash my feet.


I found one of these one day as well - not as icky as yours:


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