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So much has happened in the last week and a half. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

1) My presentation at UX Week was a successful from all that I can tell. (I'll be posting my presentation over at when I finish this.)

2) The conference was a lot of fun and folks seemed to enjoy it.

3) I got to see Dennis (abet for only a few minutes) and have dinner with Mike and Suzanne. It was so nice to talk with M&S - I haven't really seen him in, gosh, over a decade and I only met her last month at their wedding. So it was good to get to know her.

4) Took a bunch of photos at Arlington Cemetry and the Museum of American History - don't know if any turned out. Haven't looked at the flash card yet.

5) Drove my mom home to CT on Sunday (instead of her driving herself back on Tues) due to her getting sick with Lyme's Disease for the fourth frigging time.

6) Got to take the train back down to DC on Monday. Had a nice chat with Burt while we waited in Stamford for the 1.5 hours late train.

7) Flight across the country was uneventful and much progress was made on my sweater. Seeing how I only work on it when I'm traveling, it feels good to have done as much as I have.

8) I got to fall asleep curled up next to my sweetie. I'd been daydreaming of this for well, 10 days now.

9) Got to cuddle and scritch the pussy cats who I missed like the Dickens.

10) There was a raccoon in the light well by the bathroom this morning. Apparently he was there when E got up, left, and then came back until I woke him up again. He was gone by the time I got my camera. Hopefully he'll be back. Though, unlike my mother I will not be buying dog food for him or making peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts cut off for him.


I love the Princess Bride reference. Made me laugh.




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