My Test Dress Just Arrived!

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The book and site, Offbeat Bride, has been many the source of inspiration for our wedding. Ever since I saw the profile of Bree's rock 'n' roll wedding there and went to the Whirlingturban site I knew I wanted them to make my dress. I've been emailing with Katherine and Mindra since January figuring out styling, sizing and fabrics.

I decided to have them make a trial version of the dress out of a cotton fabric before they make the real one. This will give us a chance to make sure the style is right and the fit is perfect.

Today it arrived.

Wedding Test Dress;

There was this tiny little box all wrapped up in packing tape with a return address in Indonesia. Whirlingturban is based in Bali, so I knew it had to be the dress.

Wedding Test Dress

I can't wait to get home and to try it on. The fabric feels wonderful. I ran all over the top floor the office here showing everyone. I ordered wool the same color of the dots to knit a little bolero jacket for it. I'm hoping the wool arrives today too so I can knit it while I'm in Mexico next week and wear them both to the AP company party on Dec 1. 

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If that's a "test", it certainly gets an "A"!

It's DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


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