Bay City Luv

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Like most mornings, I was listening to my iPod as I got on the Muni bus to head into the office this morning. But I heard a noise as I made my way onto the bus.

There were three members of Bay City Luv on the bus this morning, and they were singing. I turned off my iPod and just listened to their beautiful harmony and rhythm. They sang "Down by the Riverside" and another one about Jesus being on the phone to ready to give you what you ask for.

It was very interesting to watch the faces of the other folks on the bus. An elderly gentleman across the aisle from me was tapping his fingers to the beat. A young guy with a huge boombox (people still carry those around with them?) was very agitated and kept making faces at them, hoping they would stop. But the group just kept on singing and smiling. Clapping, and keeping time with their feet.

A quick Google search brought up a page of a documentary movie that was made of the group a number of years ago. I wish now that I had dropped a dollar into their upturned hat. I hope my path crosses with them again.


Hi Chiara,
Thanks for sharing that. I've never heard of them. Don't you love those little 'city' surprises? :)
Hope you are doing well.


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