Life List, #26-50


Here's the continuation of the Life List. It's hard not to add things that I've already done to the list.

26. Have a baby.
27. Go hiking the Lake District in England.
28. Make a quilt out of my favorite old t-shirts.
29. Visit the Liberace museum in Las Vegas.
30. Visit the best museums: Musée du Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery, Prado Museum, The State Hermitage, The J. Paul Getty Center, Musee d'Orsay, National Gallery of Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Egyptian Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museum, British Museum, Guggenheim, The Rijksmuseum and the Art Institute of Chicago.
31. Learn how to paint.
32. Be a foster mom to kittens for a local animal shelter.
33. Get out of debt.
34. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
35. Own a home.
36. Ride the Orient Express.
37. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
38. Participate in an archeological dig.
39. Sew a (mostly) historically accurate Renaissance dress.
40. Go snowshoeing.
41. Participate in annual environmental clean ups.
42. Change the oil in my car.
43. Learn how to lay tile.
44. Refinish a piece of furniture.
45. Visit the towns in Italy and Slovakia my ancesters came from.
46. Learn to speak Italian.
47. Make soap.
48. Reclaim yarn from a thrift-store sweater and make it into something else.
49. Gather my favorite recipes from my childhood.
50. Frame and hang the wedding photos of me and Erik, our parents, and grandparents.


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