Protest the New TSA Policies

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This Friday I was subjected yet again to the new TSA screening policies. I travel a lot, mostly for work, so I don't have the option of not flying. I have to "play" by the TSA rules. And it sucks. I don't know what we have to do to get these policies changed, but we need to figure it out.

This morning I wrote to the TSA themselves, my two senators, my congresswoman, and the president. Yes, I realize that if I didn't have an FBI file before I have one now. But you know what, I'm okay with that (I think). I want them to know that I'm mad. They need to know that you are mad too.

Most of the uproar right now is over the new X-ray scanning machines. The ones where the agents basically get to see you naked? And while they say they don't keep the images, do we really trust them? I don't. Luckily I have never had to go through one of those.

What I have had to endure is The Pat Down. Pretty much every time I go through security I get patted down. All of the agents I've dealt with so far have been courteous. I know it's their job and they are just following orders. I found out some interesting things on this last trip.

Did you know that a woman wearing a long skirt is now required to have her lower body pat down now? As a plus-size woman, almost all of my skirts are long. I feel this unfairly discriminates against me, not to mention what it does for women who wear long skirts for religious reasons. I do not believe this does anything to increase security.

I also object to the more intrusive pat downs that are now happening. I much preferred the wand that was used. My brassier usually sets off the alarm, so I get patted down almost every time I go through security (even if I am not wearing a skirt). I object to having total strangers touch my body in such an intimate way. They touch your boobs. They feel your butt and your inner thigh. No where else do you get this kind of treatment

These new policies treat law abiding citizens like criminals. This is not a police state. We should be able to travel freely from state to state and within a state without being felt up by law enforcement.

What can you do? Well, to start do what I did. Write to your congress-person. Write to your senators. (Both of them). Write to the president and to the TSA.

Some folks are holding a protest by opting out of the x-ray scanners on Wed, Nov 24, 2010.

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