A New Era


May was a difficult month. On May 2, 2011, my beloved Freesia Princess Muffy Cat passed away. She had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks prior. She was steadily losing weight. She was down to 3 pounds, 9 ounces when she died. I was hand feeding her kitten gushy food from a demitasse spoon the last week of her life. It was so hard to watch her fade away.

Sleepy Freesia

On the evening of May 2, I came home from work and found her in a bad state. She wouldn't walk, didn't purr, just stared into space and was cold. I called E and he came home from work early. I sat on the floor in the kitchen next to her and softly pet her until he got home. We took her straight to the vet. They told us that she was in shock, and was suffering. We said our goodbyes and had her put to sleep.

Freesia had just turned 16 on April 24. Freesia came into my life my senior year of college. She was with me my entire adult life. She was an amazing cat. Everyone who ever met her loved her. She was the life of the party. She attended college and graduate school. She traveled the country, from Massachusetts to California. She had even been to Canada. I loved her very much. She lived a good, long life. Her little body just had had enough.

Smudge and Spooky were very quiet the first few days after Freesia died. They both sat with me, as I was a crying wreck. Then Spooky decided it was time to make his move, and the running, jumping, and power-plays started. He's firmly established himself as the emperor. Smudge seems to be content as the knave.

Though life has settled into a rhythm with The Boyz, something was missing. We are a three cat family, but only had two. E and I started talking about getting a kitten. It was so difficult to introduce Freesia, Smudge and Horus together as full grown cats, I'm loathe to go through that again. I figured The Boyz would take to a kitten much easier.

On Tuesday I stopped off at the SF SPCA just to see if they had any kittens. And that's when I saw her.

Our New Kitten

I put a hold on her and brought E back the next day. We brought her home yesterday. The little lady hasn't told us her name yet, as we are still getting to know each other. We have put her in the office, as she needs to be quarantined for the next week or so. She's settling right into her new home. She's playing with her toys. She purrs when you pick her up, and will make biscuits in your lap and give you kisses.

Our New Kitten

The Boyz have been very curious about her. They sit outside her door and meow and watch. I let them sniff each other through the door today and she was the one that hissed at them! Spooky, who I was most concerned about, seems just curious of her. Smudge is more unsure. But I have no doubt that they will take to her. How can they not! She is such a charming little lady.


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