The Kitten Feeding Station 5000


Ripley is fitting right in with Smudge and Spooky. Or at least, she and Spooky are getting along just fine and Smudge is pouting from the sidelines. But at least he's stopped hissing.

The only problem we've had is that The Boyz really like the kitten food. Really, really really like it. She is still getting gushy food (which she loves) but we haven't been able to leave her crunchies out cause The Boyz will eat them.

Last night I had an idea and this morning The Kitten Feeding Station 5000 was born. Behold.

Kitten Feeding Station 5000, Front View

I took Horus' old carrier (which is the biggest we have) and took off the door. Then I cut a little hole in an old box. I put a weight on top to hold the cardboard in place. I didn't want to attach it to the carrier since I have to take it off to put the bowls in.

Kitten Feeding Station 5000, Side View

I put her gushy food in there without the cardboard, and she ran right in. Then I took her out and put up the cardboard and she ran right in again.

Her crunchies are in there now, and she's totally figured out she can go in and out. The Boyz are rather annoyed since they can smell the food, but can't get to it. And since the door is cardboard, we can make the hold bigger as she grows. Success!

Kitten Feeding Station 5000, In Use


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