I Love You With Cake


For Valentine's Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius Day this year, I decided to make E and I a fancypants cake. I haven't made a fancypants cake in a long time and I had been itching to bake for a few weeks now. I found this recipe for a vanilla cake with strawberry cream frosting from Perry's Plate that looked perfect.

The cake is your typical cream the sugar and butter then add in the dry bits recipe. It does have some sour cream at the end for Extra Moist Action. I was actually surprised that they came out of the oven completely flat and I didn't have to even off the tops at all. I was quite worried about cutting the layers but they came out pretty even for the second time I've ever cut layers.

Cake Cut Into Layers

The filling is a layer of strawberry jam, the cream frosting, and fresh strawberries. If you feel the need to sample the berries and frosting while you are assembling the cake you should totally indulge those impulses.

Inside Fruity Layer

The nekkid cake all layered up. The strawberries made the layers a bit uneven, so I just stuffed more in the sides to give a bit more support. You know, just like the cathedral builders of yore used to do if an arch wasn't quite even. [NOTE: I may have been watching a little too much Nova lately.]

Nekkid layers

Oh yeah, put that crumb coat on, it's cold out baby. Especially in the fridge where you're headed next...

Crumb Coated Cake

I really miss having a stacked fridge. It was like playing a freakin' game of Tetris to get it all in there.

Stuffing into the fridge

For the final decorating, I took inspiration from Grace's Sweet Life and her post about a Pink Ombre Cake she made. I was tempted to color the frosting from a deep pink to the light, but the fact that I only have one pastry bag and it seemed like a lot of hassle dissuaded me. I had lots of left over strawberries, so I decided to use them on top, especially since the slices look like little hearts. I should have made the final ring of frosting on the top plain beads, rather than the star tip, but oh well.

Finished Cake

And the best part? It was delicious! E was surprised and loved it! Especially since he had come home from work the day before, took one sniff and asked if I had made a cake. All innocent I asked if he was smelling the vanilla candle burning in living room. He never noticed the bowl of frosting in the back of the fridge or the cake layers cooling on the washing machine in the garage. Heh.

Sliced Strawberry Cake


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