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Come Join Us!


Adaptive Path has three winter workshops planned. You can use my "Friends of Chiara Fox" code for a 15% discount. (Type "FOCF" into the code box at the bottom of the registration page.) And register this week for a discount on top of the early bird price for the New York workshop.

Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience

New York -- October 31 - November 1, 2005

Through Oct 1, 2005: only $995
After Oct 1, 2005: only $1295

This two-day presentation covers the process of user experience design from gathering initial business requirements through developing functional specifications.

The Elements of User Experience

Amsterdam -- November 7, 2005

Through Oct 7, 2005: only $495
After Oct 7, 2005: only $595

Using Jesse James Garrett's renowned "Elements of User Experience" and "Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams" models, you'll learn how to design websites and products that meet your users' and your organization's needs through applying user-centered design principles.

Designing & Building with Ajax

Chicago -- December 8, 2005

Through Nov 8, 2005: only $495
After Nov 8, 2005: only $595

Earlier this year, Jesse James Garrett's essay on Ajax sparked a wave of excitement among Web designers and developers. This one-day event can help you turn that enthusiasm into practical knowledge, with design insights and technical grounding to get your team started with Ajax application development.


Now Through Oct 1


Between 1990 and 2000, of the 6,364 challenges reported to or recorded by the Office for Intellectual Freedom (see The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books):

1,607 were challenges to "sexually explicit" material (up 161 since 1999);
1,427 to material considered to use "offensive language" (up 165 since 1999);
1,256 to material considered "unsuited to age group" (up 89 since 1999);
842 to material with an "occult theme or promoting the occult or Satanism" (up 69 since 1999);
737 to material considered to be "violent" (up 107 since 1999);
515 to material with a homosexual theme or "promoting homosexuality" (up 18 since 1999) and
419 to material "promoting a religious viewpoint." (up 22 since 1999)

Other reasons for challenges included "nudity" (317 challenges, up 20 since 1999), "racism" (267 challenges, up 22 since 1999), "sex education" (224 challenges, up 7 since 1999), and "anti-family" (202 challenges, up 9 since 1999). Learn more at the American Library Association.

Only Took Me 2 Years


Okay, yes. It's kind of embarrassing how long it took me to do this. But I finally got around to fixing the non-Moveable Type pages of this site. So they all have the purplish/blue with a white box around the text look. Yes, it's boring, but at least they all match in the boringness.

Now I just need to hook in E's new MT tags (once he gets it working) in the LJ crosspost thingy and I'll be ready to go. w00t!

World Heritage Sites

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Hrm. I've only been to 20 of the 812 World Heritage Sites.

What makes the concept of World Heritage exceptional is its universal application. World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located.

It's definitely time for more travel.

The Forest Lover


The Forest Lover

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Tears of the Sun


Tears of the Sun

You Never Think About...

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So, I was looking at the search queries that have brought users to my site. And I noticed that one of them was ""toe ring" cum." Ahem. Yes. Now, I know I haven't written about that. So, I do a search for it and lo and behold, there on the second page of results is my "About" page:

This is such a great example of context insensitive search gone wrong. Not to mention a lack of disambiguation. And yet, I questioned whether to post about it, since I really don't see the need to reinforce the connection between the pages (though I think as long as I don't link to the About page I'm not doing that. Though there will still be a connection between the phrase and this domain).

But... it's so absurd. I had to share. And now I'm going to go wash my feet.

Electric Sheep


I am both amused and disturbed at the same time.

So very tired


How can a short week be more busy and more painful than a normal week? It just doesn't make sense. You'd think that the limited hours in the workweek would keep one from getting all crazy. But instead, the opposite happens. You try to cram five days into four. Silly humans.


As fun and relaxing as a three martini dinner could be, I think a date with Ambien is more what I need tonight. Many hours of knocked-out-cold sleeping sounds just about perfect.


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