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Yeah, I Remembered


So, I just burned the hairs off my right hand while lighting the burner on the stove (See!!! I am going to set something (read: ME) on fire with that stove!) So I could make a double batch of gnocchi. So E would have something on the table when he came home. Since he left work over an hour late. And didn't call. And he's still not home. So he's prolly in a bad mood. Or something happened to the bike. Or he got hit. Or I should just skip the gnocchi and start calling hospitals. Or...

Wait a minute.

It's Thursday.

He already told me he was going to Games Night.

I cannot brain today, I have the dumb (or at least teh sik).

Hamlet in Second Life


I just the following press release about the upcoming production of Hamlet in Second Life. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to attend.

Date: 2/25/2008
CONTACT: Elealora Writer (SL Name)


The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) will open its first live mini-production of an Elizabethan production of Shakespeare's Hamlet on "SLSC Thursday", February 28th at 6 PM SL Time (PST). This will be the first in a series of single scene miniproductions the Company has planned to both preview and prepare for its upcoming full length version of Hamlet to open in November.

This mini-production performance of Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 1 Extended will be enacted in live voice by professional actors who are represented on-stage by avatar characters dressed in historically accurate wardrobe. In-world technological innovations such as sculpted animated faces, clever techniques in texture and sound effect preloading and novel methods for audience participation and interaction are a few extra bells and whistles of the event. Closed-captioning will be provided by subtitles in English, French, German, and Spanish. HUD's to facilitate the audience experience will be distributed on-
site at the SL Globe Theatre in-world and in the SL Shakespear Company group,
the company's in-world update group.

The show opens on "SLSC Thursday," February 28th at 6 PM SLT, with nine additional international showtimes:
SLSC Thursday, Feb 28: 6 PM
Fri, Feb 29: 3 PM
Sat, Mar 1: 11 AM
Sun, Mar 2: 1 PM
Mon, Mar 3: 11 AM
Tues, Mar 4: 6 PM
Weds, Mar 5: ---
Thurs, Mar 6: 3 PM
Fri, Mar 7: 1 PM
Sat, Mar 8: 6 PM
Sun, Mar 9: 3 PM

The inaugural performance will be held at the SL Globe Theatre, [ ].

The SL Shakespeare Company hopes to implement more innovations to improve and
expand the state of virtual theatre with the opening of each mini-production, and hopes to implement simulSim broadcasting technology to facilitate producer Ina Centaur's vision of "infinite theatre" for our next mini-production.

Not in My Basket


Me: I found some hard boiled eggs from a couple of weeks ago in the back of the fridge. Think they are still good?

E: Probably.

Me: Are you sure? It's been awhile.

E: They're fine. *cracks open egg* Yup. Smells fine.

Me: I'm not so sure.

E: *eats egg* Tastes okay. They're fine.

***Fast forward to last night***

Me: Well, what if this isn't the flu and it's something you ate?

E: But I haven't eaten anything.

Me: You sure?

E: Well, I did eat that egg...

ETA: E: I don't think it was the hard boiled egg though.

Me: Wait... didn't you eat the cheese stuffing for the baked ziti before it was cooked? The one with the 2 raw eggs in them.

E: Yeah... THAT egg is more likely.

"And then he ate him."


I don't normally read the comments on articles and posts. I know a lot of the good conversations can happen there. And I do comment at times. But when something gets 50+ comments I lose interest. There's just too much trolling and poor etiquette for my tastes.

But today... this short little article about a dog and a gator... I started reading the comments and I just couldn't stop laughing. It was like a train wreck. It was all I hate about big comment threads. But... I couldn't stop reading. And laughing.

Happy Friday.



Growing up, we always said grace before meals. Always. After my father died we got away from the practice. But as long as he was at the table, we said it. And we usually said the same prayer each time. At least my brother and I. We weren't that creative.

Yesterday I realized that I couldn't remember how that prayer went. I can remember bits and pieces of it, but not the whole thing. I'm troubled by this some how.

"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for this day. [...] Thank you for the food we are about the receive. May it nourish and strengthen our bodies. [...] In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I know there is more to it than that. But the only bits I can think of are from the Lord's Prayer, and I know we wouldn't have used those bits. Might have to call my mother and ask.

I'm Published!


Well, kinda.

The Schmap York 4th Edition has chosen one of my photographs to be included in their online guide. I snapped a quick pix of the Micklegate Bar Museum in York England and they have included that photo. Go me!

Be sure to check out the guide, especially if you are visiting York. York is one of my favorite towns in England. It's a nice combination of city and country, really old stuff and modern. I could wander around on the city walls for days. :)


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