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I Guess I was Tired


Last night I got home around 5:30 (the stars all aligned and I was able to hop from one bus to another without waiting! Yay! Home in 25 minutes!). I felt pretty awful - tired, hard to think, achy - so I decided to have a bit of a lie down until E got home.

I vaguely remember him trying to wake me up to eat something. It was like that scene in Twin Peaks where the midget is speaking in tongues and everything is warped. And I woke up a few other times, mostly due to cats sleeping on now numb parts of my body.

Then I rolled over and it was 6:30 AM. I figure with the bit of tossing and turning, I slept for a good 12 hours. I'm still a bit tired, but man'o'man do I feel better.

I'm guessing all the stress of Brazil and then finishing my slides for UXI yesterday (Chicago here I come!) my body finally had enough.


From CNN: Justices uphold ban on abortion procedure The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a law that banned a type of late-term abortion, a ruling that could portend enormous social, legal and political implications for the divisive issue.

What the hell is this country coming to? Is it back to the time of coat hangers and women as property for this administration? GAH! Oh Sandra, why couldn't you have stuck it out just a little bit longer?

My Danskos Are Trying to Kill Me


Don't laugh. It's true. I think my shoes are out to get me.

I thought it was a fluke when I tripped and fell in the middle of the flat crosswalk in Janurary. Well, if you can call it a "fluke" for someone who routinely walks into tables and doorways and can never remember where 1/2 the bruises on her body came from.

But today, today they tried to get me not once, but TWICE! The first time was at work. I turned around, tripped on my chair and almost went down in front of my desk. Haha. Too much booze in Brazil. Yeah right.

But tonight, they were out for blood! The bus stopped its route early, letting us off at 7th St instead of 16th. I get up, walk down the stairs of the bus and next thing you know *SPLAT*! I'm on the ground. All I could think was "don't hit your face! Don't hit your face!" I went down on one knee (thank god for thick demin or I'd have more than red skin and bruising), scrapped up both hands and my right elbow. Luckily there wasn't any blood, just a lot of scrapping, burning and now the body aching has started.

At least this time two people checked to see if I was okay. The bus driver came out of the bus — I mean, he better. I FELL OUT OF HIS BUS. And another rider came over to make sure I was okay. Of course, all this meant that I missed the 19 bus by 1/2 a block and then the next one refused to pick me up because there was another a few minutes behind it.

But goddamn. I loved these shoes. They were my favorite everyday shoes. And now I'm afraid to wear them again. They are evil bits of leather that want me dead. I guess I will have to go shopping for a new pair of everyday shoes. Something with less of a heel than a Dansko!?!

I'm going to go find the Advil...

Para trás de Brasil


After 24+ hours of travel, E and are safely home in San Francisco. We spent the last week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. K and I did 4 days of training for, the big media company in Brazil. We had a great time. The training went well. We got to explore (at least a little bit) of the city.

I have so much to say about the trip, I don't really know where to start. Brazil is not a country that I ever thought about visiting. My (mis)perception about it before the trip were based on what I had read about the rainforest being burned down at alarming rates and that Simpsons episode when they go to Rio. I'm not exactly an informed American, I know. *sigh*

But having been there, I must that my fears and trepidations on the plane were unfounded. The place is a beautiful combination of Europe and Mexico, with the feeling that the jungle is going to take it back at any moment. The city is pretty clean (you see street sweepers in orange all over the place), though there is graffiti on almost every surface. The people are so friendly. I think I have a crush on the bartender at the pool bar in the hotel &mdash he was SUCH a sweetie.

E, K, B and I had a lot of fun. The boys got to explore more than K and I did, since we were doing training each day. But E and I did make it to Petropolis to visit Sormany (good friend and former chef of his mother) and his resturant and had by far the best meal of the trip. It made for a very late night, but as we wound our way out of the mountains back to Rio I was able to see the stars out of the back window of the truck. So very pretty. I wish I knew what the Southern Cross looked like so I would know if I had seen it or not.

I really wish we had had an extra day or two to explore the city a bit more. We were able to make it to the Carmen Miranda museum, Corcovado mountain to see the Cristo statue, Sugar Loaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar) where I got dizzy from riding the tram to the top, a Samba show, and the Hippie Fair in Ipanema.

Many photos were taken, but per usual mine have yet to be processed. E and K have both been better at getting their photos online.

It was a good trip. It feels weird to be home now, but it's so nice to sleep in our bed and snuggle with the kitties. I'm rather jet-lagged, but not from the time difference (it was only 4 hours) but more from just how long the travel took to complete.

Someday, I Hope...


Someday The Girl from Ipanema will stop being the soundtrack to all that I do. I hope that day is soon, but I have a feeling it won't happen until after I get back from Brazil.

For now, I hear it in Muzak form as I'm walking to the bus. I hear the words while sitting at my desk. I even hear it with the words changed "He's the Smudge from Ipanema."



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