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Our Own Rocky & Rockette


I'm always pleasantly surprised to find wildlife in the city. It's like having bits of home, you know here, well, at home. :) We have a raccoon that lives someplace in our backyard. If you watch at the correct times of day you can see her slide between our house and the house next door. She moves from the back to the front at dusk and from the street back to the yard at dawn. I've seen her many a time in the light well in our bathroom. I can't figure out how she manages to squeeze herself in such a tight space — it's pretty neat to see.

Today, we learned something special about Rocky. Rocky has a Rockette. I saw them this morning, and they are sleeping in the light well now. It's not my mother's house where there's a dozen raccoons that visit her porch each night, but I'm okay with that. We aren't feeding Rocky. And I kinda like that she feels safe enough in the light well to be there with her little Rockette (who is the CUTEST fuzzball ever).

I know a lot of people have issues with raccoons. But so far, Rocky has been a good neighbor. Our trash is never disturbed. The cats are never bothered. And she doesn't try to get into the house. And, while she is out in daylight, she is sleeping. She only woke up because she was being a good mama and heard me in the bathroom. If she were wandering around then I'd be worried.

Yay! Coons!

Okay, I Lied


Or rather, perhaps I spoke too soon. Today is not a good day. I'm in a lot of pain. Even with all the Advil running through my system. We're in crunch mode on a project and I haven't been icing like I should. Or taking breaks and stretching. Or using my wrist brace (it slows down the typing dammit). I often forget to take my afternoon dose of Advil. And I think I really upset my knee when I walked around the block yesterday to clear my head (but it felt so good to get outside!).

So, cranky pants are firmly attached. I'm tired (keep waking up in pain throughout the night), I hurt, I'm just a big ball of nails with all the spikes sticking outwards today.

I'm sorry for any that have to deal with me today.

Time to give an update on the whole gimp factor.

The hand is getting better. I think I've figured out what repetitive motion is causing the tendinitis: mousing on the track pad of my MacBook. I put my thumb down on the button and mouse with my right hand. *sigh* I should probably dig out my external mouse and use that at home (it isn't an issue at the office - I use a mouse there). I should probably call physical therapy and see what kind of stretches I should be doing with it. Though "thumb stretching" makes me giggle and I don't know why.

The knee is another story. So... a little more than a month ago, I bought new sneakers. I went to one of the running stores that Team in Training recommended cause I wanted a good pair that would really fit my feet well. So, I went in, tried on some shoes. I kept telling the guy "I have orthotics. Prescription ones." But he said he didn't like to fit the shoes with the orthotics since the shoes are built to deal with pronation and such. The shoes were comfy, felt stable, and fit well, so I bought them. Wore them all over Europe. Got home, and the knee started acting up. Enter scene with the whole going to the doctor congrats on your tendinitis and bursitis thing.

After about four days of icing my leg and being pretty grouchy from the pain, I realized about the sneakers and the orthotics. So, the next day I got out my old shoes, put in the orthotics and *boom*. My leg felt better. Still hurt, but much better. The next day I put the orthotics in the new shoes. Not quite as good (since my feet are probably over compensated now), but still much better. So much so that I haven't had to ice it because of the pain and I keep forgetting to take my Advil.

I got these orthotics for the Portland Marathon. That was in 2002! I've had them for almost 5 years. No wonder my legs hurt without them! Duh! So, now I have to go Kaiser and see if I can get a new pair (cause, really, after 5 years these are pretty worn) and then I'll go get new shoes fitted WITH the orthotics.

So, that's a long way of saying, I still hurt, but I'm getting better. And I no longer look like Kaiser Soeze* when I walk down the street.

DC in August! It'll Be Fun!


Of course, I would be lax if I didn't plug Adaptive Path's UX Week event coming up next month. Sarah has done a kickass job pulling this program together and I really think it's going to be great.

For keynoters, we have Deborah Adler (the Target pill bottle), Jan Chipchase (design research for Nokia), the interface design team for the $100 Laptop, and Adaptive Path's own Dan Saffer.

Other speakers include Jared Spool, Bill Scott (Ajax guru), Liz Sanders, Dan Brown, Indi Young, Leisa Reichelt. And tons of Adaptive Path people, like ME.

A recent addition to the program is that people from will be talking about their new "Web 2.0" redesign.

Topics include:
- designing for mobile devices
- participatory design
- managing UX teams
- search engine interfaces
- agile development and user-centered design
- designing for rich interaction - documentation and accessibility
- social software
...and more!

You can also register for single days, making any combination of days you wish!

And if you register with my promotional code: FOCF, you'll get 15% off the registration price.

See you in D.C.!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


*smooch* I hope you have a great day today.

Injuring body parts without suffering any kind of trauma seems to be my specialty lately. I've had pain in my my lower thumb joint as well as my knee for awhile now, yet I didn't do anything to them. No falling. No twisting. No banged in a car door. They just... started hurting. A lot.

So, finally, last night I went to the doctor. It would appear that I have tendinitis in my hand and tendinitis and bursitis in my knee. They also did an x-ray of my knee to see if I've got arthritis in there too. So, lots of Advil to help with the inflammation and ice packs three times a day.

So, I've got bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, and sleep apnea. I told E last night, "You thought you were dating a 33-year old but I'm really a 73-year old."


I feel like I should change my name to Ester, start wearing a hairnet (or at least one of those plastic bonnets when it rains) and queue up the "Matlock" on the Tivo.

Perhaps I'm Just Not Patriotic


E and I are sitting in our living room, while all around us fireworks are going off. Why aren't we out in the street or watching from the dining room window? Well, I've gone back to a stance that I used to firmly hold a long, long time ago.

Fireworks don't mean celebration to me. I know, I know, I'm weird. Especially since we had the KFOG Kaboom party a few months ago. But I don't care what the Chinese say.

Sitting in the living room, hearing the boom-boom-boom of the explosions, I can't help but think that this is what every night/day/hour is like in Iraq. And Afghanistan. And pretty much most of the Middle East right now. It's the "rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air." It's war. And destruction. And loss of life.

And even if I can get over the sounds of celebration sounding like the sounds of death, the environmentalist in me is still not happy. I can't bear to think of all the chemicals that are being dropped into the Bay right now. That were dropped in all the bays and all the lakes throughout the country today. What kind of impact is that having on the water quality, the life of the fish and plants and other creatures that live there? It can't be good. I don't know anything about how fireworks are regulated in this country, but I took enough chemistry classes to know that the stuff that is shooting up into the air right now isn't suppose to be in the water (or the air for that matter).


We have a lot of fireworks here in San Francisco. Which is really surprising when you think about all the pacifists and environmentalists that live here. Sometimes the hypocrisy (my own and others') just is too much for me.


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